Rice Planter

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A rice planter or rice transplanter is what this farming tool is known to be. Since a transplanter has been named as such because of its ability to transplant a new substance in the place of an old one. Therefore a rice planter transplants newer rice seedlings onto the paddy fields to initiate the growth of an entirely different crop. It regulates the sowing of rice seedlings at a distance of 20 to 40 cm. Tanzanian farmers used to utilize days and weeks for sowing rice seedlings into the paddy fields alone however once a rice planter was used instead of manual transplanting thereafter because of its versatility and efficiency in sowing quicker, it has become a farmers’ ally. The rice grown because of equal spacing are stronger, thicker, and of tremendous quality. Tractors Tanzania offers the most competitive prices and provides you with the best rice planters that will definitely reduce your stress of the day.