Rotary Slasher

Rotary Slasher Specification
No of Blades 3
Working Width 150 cm
Overall Width 175cm
Tractor Compatibility 50 HP

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For slashing shrubs and pasture toppings, a sturdy farm implement known as a rotary slasher is highly desired by the Tanzanian farmers as the grasslands can be very well maintained with its usage. Slashing is considered to be the most sophisticated method of grass cutting which is why farmers used to prefer using this farming tool. It consists of a heavy frame that can withstand the pressure of thorny and bushy crops while chopping them with the right force. The crops of Tanzania, namely maize, cotton, tobacco, etc. can be easily chopped with a rotary slasher. A Massey Ferguson Tractor possessing 50hp is ideally compatible with a rotary slasher. Our tractor company in Tanzania is offering rotary slashers with tremendously sharp blades.