Tractor Parts and Accessories in Tanzania

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Tractors Tanzania sells parts and accessories for tractors

 Tanzania has a lot of rainy seasons. It usually pours throughout the year in that part of the Earth. There are two types of rainy seasons in Tanzania. One is the small rainy season which has a shorter duration. The other is a long-term rainy season which has quite a long period. Thus farmers must have something to protect them from the rain whilst being on the tractor. Rain does not stop the whole day and one can not stay in the rain for that long.

Hence, Tractors Tanzania provides you with parts and accessories that protect the farmers from rain when riding on the tractors. These parts and accessories include a Cabin and folding canopy.

Tractors Tanzania, the best tractor company in Tanzania

Tractors Tanzania is a company that offers parts and accessories for tractors for sale in Tanzania. Tractors Tanzania is a major tractor dealer company in Tanzania that has brand-new Massey Ferguson tractors available for sale. Tractors Tanzania is a tractor dealer that is committed to supplying cost-effective and efficient agricultural machinery to Tanzanian farmers. Tractors Tanzania is the biggest exporter of agriculture machinery and other farm equipment from Pakistan to Tanzania. We have a cabin and folding canopy manufactured by the Massey Ferguson company in Tanzania. Our folding canopy and cabin are available for sale at very reasonable prices.


The basic purpose of an agricultural tractor cab is to provide a comfortable environment for the operator of the tractor and to protect him from rain, vibrations, and noise. Our cabin has a perfect design to fit on Massey Ferguson tractors. Our cabin has a brilliant material used for its manufacturing. This way it remains in good condition for quite a long time.

Folding canopy

Manufactured by making use of brilliant material and having a perfect design, our folding canopy is taking the market of Tanzania by storm. Our canopies are adjustable for pitch and come with up and down adjustments. It is called a folding canopy because it can be folded up and can be folded back.

What are the uses of a Cabin and folding canopy?

As mentioned above, there is a lot of rain in Tanzania. To protect the driver of the tractor from rain as well as dust, both cabin and folding canopy can be used. Harsh conditions present greater difficulties so some protection is required for the operator. Thus both cabin and folding canopy can be used.

All we demand is trust in Tanzania

Tractors Tanzania has been providing service to the farmers for quite an extensive period. We consider our customers our family and want to facilitate them with the best we have. Our company has great expertise in fulfilling the needs of Tanzanian farmers by providing them with their desired tractors and farm equipment, including a folding canopy and cabin at affordable prices. We assure the farmers of Tanzania of the best and in return demand only trust. You can visit our website and contact us directly to buy your desired product on your own terms.