Boom Sprayer

Boom Sprayer Specification
Operation Tractor – hydraulic and PTO driven
CAPACITY: 500l – 1000L
Nozzle type: Teejet/conical

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A boom sprayer is a very common farming apparatus used in broad-scale farming, responsible for the spraying of herbicides or fertilizers. A number of components aggregate together to device a hydraulic and PTO-driven tractor implement, namely a boom sprayer. It possesses nozzles that are responsible for splitting the fertilizers or herbicides into minute droplets to achieve a uniform method of spraying, which is projected through the air. These tractor implements can be easily adhered to tractors with a minimum of 50hp and can be used for the spraying of all types of crops. They have 3 point linkage system and a big storage tank capable of storing approximately 500L to 1000L of herbicide. The boom sprayers available at our Tractor company in Tanzania have tanks having solid color in order to prevent the growth of algae under their wall.