Potato Digger

Seed capacity 240-600 Kgs
Seed to seed spacing 6 inches
Line to Line capacity 28-30 inches
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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A potato digger, as the name implies, harvests potatoes without damaging them. Being very useful, this agricultural machinery serves plenty of functions such as mining potatoes and separating soil and potatoes. A potato digger in Tanzania is capable of harvesting the potatoes along with their stem, in this way the Tanzanian farmers can save time from conventional yet manual harvesting methods while the potatoes obtained are unharmed. Furthermore, this farm implement can be used for a vast variety of underground stem crops that may otherwise be crucial to harvest. A New Holland Tractor of 50hp is easily compatible with a potato digger. This agricultural source is cost-effective and quite production which is why it seems to be very much popular among the farmers of Tanzania. A potato digger has tremendous uses and great value for demand. We are constantly striving hard to meet their demands in Tanzania.