Jib Crane

Lift Capacity upto 500 Kgs (depending upon Tractor HP)
Height of lift 3 m
Overall length 2.54 m
Weight (approx) 72 Kgs
Tractor Compatibility 45-85 HP
Hitch pin Cat-II

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In Tanzanian agriculture, cultivation includes a number of arduous operations. The completion of all these tasks burdens the already stressed farmers. To mitigate the stress of the Tanzanian farmers, an overhead lifting device, which is responsible for repetitive lifting operations in a small land of cultivation. As of their design, this farm implement for sale is quite easy to maintain not only this but surprisingly its handling is easy as well. The construction of jib cranes is quite fundamental as compared to other types of cranes. In addition to numerous industrial applications of jib cranes, such as plant maintenance, building maintenance, marine loading, and unloading, they can safely lift a high volume of objects thereby resulting in productivity in the cultivation operation. Their approximate weight lifting capacity is measured to be around 500kg. A jib crane is compatible with a New Holland Tractor if the desirable power source lies between 45 to 85hp. We are offering jib cranes of variable sizes at our tractor company in Tanzania.