Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough Specification
No Of Tines 2-5
Total Width 1570 mm
Linkage Capacity: I &II
Max Working Depth: 22-25cm
Weight: 225-360Kg.
Tractor Compatibility: 50HP Onwards

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A chisel plough is a type of agricultural machinery that functions effectively in heavy tillage and related operations. This farm implement in Tanzania is used by the farmers to break up the compacted soil. It limits the disruption of soil by aerating it. The crop residue obtained as a by-product remains at the top of the soil. Furthermore, it mitigates all those factors that contribute to soil compaction. The breaking of the hardpan can also be assisting while using this type of farm implement. This farm implement for sale is quite integral as it enables the water to infiltrate the soil by means of preventing the formation of hard surface crust. A New Holland Tractor of 50hp can adhere to a chisel plough. Chisel ploughs have gained enough popularity among the farmer niche henceforth we have put up these farm implements for sale at the online store of our tractor company in Tanzania.