Rear Blade

Rear Blade Specification
Width: 5’ – 12’
Length: 5ft with wheel
1/2” Reversible/replaceable cutting edge.

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A more customizable option than a box blade is definitely a rear blade. The pitch and the angle of the blades being adjustable is what makes a rear blade unique, thereby allowing the farmers to control the frequency of the graded material. A rear blade is essentially used in the construction of roads, grading, and cutting of different materials. Furthermore, blading of snow and other light materials can also be achieved with the help of this farming tool. Farmers of Tanzania have been way delighted with the sound usage and countless benefits of a rear blade that has made agriculture for them easier and quicker than ever. A rear blade also supports a reversible or replaceable cutting edge. It is a much-needed farming tool as it is also capable of performing back filing, earthmoving as well as terracing. The minimum horsepower requirement for any tractor to be compatible with a rear blade should be approximately 50hp. Nonetheless, at our Tractor Company in Tanzania, high quality rear blades of adjustable blades are available for purchase.