Ridger Specification
Overall width: 1778mm
Max Row Spacing: 711m
Clearance: 550mm
Weight: 150kgs
Tractor compatibility: 50HP +
Depth: 1050mm

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Many row crops like sugarcane, tobacco, banana, chilies, potatoes, etc. need ridges for their seeds to be sown in the field. Basic farm implements however do not support the formation of these ridges but ridgers do support the formation of the furrows for sowing the seeds. The furrows also allow the water to flow swiftly from these furrows. One practical application should be necessarily followed i.e. a ridger should only be sued when the soil is damp and the land has been tilled thoroughly once or twice. At our tractor company in Tanzania, ridgers weighing 150kg and tractor compatibility of 50hp are readily available for purchase at competitive prices with immediate delivery. Ridgers are quite adaptable which is why they are able to create spaces for the development of various angles and furrows.