Offset Disc Harrows

Offset Disc Harrow Specification
Weight of approx.: 450 Kgs to 800 Kgs
Working width: 55 – 75 inches depending on the size of harrow
Tractor compatibility is min 50 HP

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An offset disc harrow in Tanzania seems to cater to a number of agricultural operations such as superficial ploughing, soil preparation for sowing seeds, the burial of remains as well as organic substances useful for the growth of crops, and clod shattering. Boron steel disc, of immensely great quality, is used in this type of farm implement. It breaks the virgin ground and acts as a primary ground tillage farm implement, resultantly a smoother ground level is obtained. In the large open areas of farming, offset disc harrows are used. Depending upon the weight of the disc, the heavier the disc, the deeper the plough will be. An offset disc harrow requires a tractor to behold the power source in between 75 to 85 hp and can easily change the angles of the disc as per requirement. As it is highly reliable and known to yield greater results, this farm implement for sale is easily available at a discounted price at our tractor dealers in Tanzania.