Rice Thresher

Weight 60kg 80kg
Dimension 1250×700×800mm 1500×800×1000mm

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A rice thresher is a separating machine involved in the separation of rice from its associated stalks without damaging the panicles. From a number of components such as a threshing drum, loading tray, shaker, blower, towing bar, two wheels, and two paddy outlets. The farmers of Tanzania are much satisfied after using rice threshers purchased from our tractor company as these thresh rice grains perfectly yet swiftly. The rice threshers are powered by tractor engines and any tractor is suitable to supply power to them unless having the required power of 65hp. Rice-like crops can also be harvested with this type of farm implement. The grain output delivered by a rice thresher available at our tractor company is recorded to be 1.5 – 2 tons per hour while the cleaning efficiency of the thresher is measured to be 99%.