Border Disc

Border Disc Specification
Disc tilt Adjustable
Width Adjustable
Attachment 3 point linkage
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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For temporary irrigation of cultivated land of Tanzania, a tractor-mounted farm implement, namely a border disc can be used. This tractor implement is capable of checking signs triggering soil erosion. Moreover, a border disc is capable of earthing up sugarcane and potato-like plants for the development of a better rooting system. The farmers of Tanzania generally create field boundaries using this type of farm implement. For changing the shapes of the ridges, the disc clamps need to be repositioned with a simultaneous rotation of the disc bodies. The desirable horsepower for any Massey Ferguson Tractor to be compatible with a border disc should be 50hp or more. At our tractor company in Tanzania, a vast variety of border discs can be purchased at reasonable prices.