Hammer Mill

Motor pulley
2 Number cotton balloon
Anti-vibrating foundation Stand with adjustable rail for motor
3 numbers of perforated round holes screens.
starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor For three phase
Foundation bolts
v belts
All contacting parts stainless steel 304/316 can be accommodated.

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For the farmers of Tanzania, crushing aggregated materials to minute particles was never easy. But with the advancement of technology and modernization, farm implements like hammer mills were introduced which were able to crush the aggregated materials by means of repeated blows of minute hammers, within a fraction of time. With the appropriate use of this type of farm implement, specified top size of products can be obtained without investing much effort. Hammer milling is an energy-efficient process that other than crushing, can also pulverize and shed the soil particles. It consists of a motor pulley and an anti vibrating stand. It very well can grind peanuts and other grains that are associated with the feeding of domestic cattle herds. Making shredding easy and hassle-free, this tractor attachment is considerably one of the crucial farm implements preferred by the Tanzanian farmers which is why we have put up these for sale at our Tractor Company in Tanzania.