Fodder chopper

Operation PTO
Kind of fodder All Kinds
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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A fodder chopper is a multifunctional agricultural farming resource that is responsible for the cutting of hays, straws, grass, etc. Moreover, this type of farm implement has assisted the farmers to great extent in feeding the cattle with the chopped feed. These are motor driven and therefore energy efficient. Furthermore, chopped crops can also be saved in bags rather than prone to damage in an open shed. In Tanzania, the sustainable feed business (i.e. the chopping of necessitated food required for the feeding of the cattle) enables the farmers to create business opportunities within the communities. These fodder choppers have significantly created numerous employment opportunities for the farmers of Tanzania, which is why they are readily available at our stores. These can be mounted to tractors of different models however the power compatibility should be 50hp or above. Fodder choppers have significantly increased silage and forage quality. The design and material of their blades is made as such to prevent these from instant wear out.