Tine Tillers

Tine Tiller Specification
Frame Type Pipe Set and Z Type
Number of Tines 9,11 & 13
Linkage Category I & II
Working Depth 229 mm
Tine Spacing 229 mm to 254 mm
HP Compatibility 50 to 85 HP

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A tine tiller is the best agricultural tool for land preparation by means of the perpetual breaking of the land. This type of tiller is used to sow small plants such as herbs and shrubs or may be used to sow the seeds of a new generation of grass. With a working depth of almost 229 mm and tractor compatibility measured from 50 to 85hp, Tractors Tanzania has got the best tilling tractor implements. Tine tillers bear minute yet sharp tine which by rotating effect help to break the soil effectively and smoothly. Being efficient and budget-friendly, a tine tiller will be found in the agricultural fleet of most farmers. Smaller tine tillers can be operated individually as such they are standalone tools however large-sized tine tillers can be effectively mounted to the desirable hp tractors. Both the compatible tractor and tine tillers can be easily found at our tractor company in Tanzania.