Potato Harvester

Potato Harvester Specification
Total Length 9ft
Total Width 5.5ft
Total Height 3ft
Digging Width 53 inches
Output 0.1ha/hr.

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A potato harvester is a type of farm implement that is used by the farmers of Tanzania and all over the globe, for digging up potatoes off the ground. This agricultural resource rotates its wings to spread the potatoes onto the cultivated field. It is generally operated by the PTO shaft of the tractor to which it is attached and is driven hydraulically. The potato-like crops can be lifted by a potato harvester which is not only a bargained product for the Tanzanian farmers but its productivity is unbeatable, therefore it is considered to be a proven asset by the Tanzanian farmers in their everyday agricultural operations. A potato harvester works magnificently in the land of cultivation which is why we are offering it at our Tractor Company in Tanzania.