Kubota DC-35 Combine Harvester in Tanzania

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-35
Horsepower: 33hp
Fuel Capacity: 60L
Grain Tank Capacity: 130 L
Ground Clearance: 300 mm
Body Weight: 3,150


Tractors Tanzania – Kubota DC 35

What is a farmer’s goal? Undoubtedly, it is to have a good harvest. Well, that’s our goal too. We want our Tanzanian farmers to yield a successful crop by using our strong and reliable agricultural machinery. We provide tractors from various brands including Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and Massive tractors. We also have combine harvesters that cut back the extra effort involving manual labor.


Combine harvester

There are several combine harvester advantages which can be attained by our local farmers such as the reduction of time needed to harvest and the load which can be carried. Combine harvester uses are not limited, they can be used to thresh, gather, reap, and winnow. Grain crops, as well as non-grain crops, can be harvested and cleaned through a combine harvester. On our website, customers can find combines for sale which would reduce the combine harvester price in Tanzania.

There are two types of combine harvester, a control combine harvester and a self-propelled combine harvester. A control combine harvester does not work on its own as it is pulled by a tractor and its operations. A self-propelled combine harvester has its own engine which powers it. There are many parts of a combine harvester and their functions are essential to cleaning grains.


Combine harvester parts and functions

A combine harvester contains twenty-one parts. It has a header that collects the grains or cereal and pushes them towards the cutter bar. A cutter bar is another part of a combine harvester that cuts crops and takes out the grain. There is also the reel which is where cereal crops are gathered. Other parts include a sieve, grain tank, unloading pipe, conveyors, belts, layers, wheels, etc.


Kubota harvester

Kubota is an agricultural machinery company that was established in Osaka in 1890. Kubota has been working to improve harvesting and the equipment for it for years. Kubota Combine harvesters are quick, durable, and lead to profitability. Because of their work throughout the years, they are known to provide reliable machinery and have created brand loyalty.



The Kubota DC-35 is flexible and is exemplary for small fields. This combine harvester has a Hydrostatic Variable Speed (HST) and 33 horsepower. Its minimum ground clearance is 300 mm which covers a good area of land easily.  There is powerful lateral rigidity and anti-reverse bending so there is increased efficiency in transmission. Its total length is 4120 mm, its total width is 1850 mm, and its total height is 2150 mm. The weight of the combine is 1550 Kilograms with a water-cooled 4-cycle diesel engine. It has three cylinders and a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters.

With its reliable tension capacity, it has exceptional performance under varying load situations. Because of its build, it is simple to utilize and makes turns effectively. It has a harvesting capacity of 0.1 to 0.27 and can be maintained easily. The DC-35 has a longer service life and the rice tank capacity is 130 liters with 2 hopper outlets. This combine harvester in Tanzania would bring many benefits such as a higher impact load and transmission power with lower shrinkage.

The cutting chamber diameter is 800 mm while its width is 1420 mm. Moreover, it has a hydraulic height control, engine oil of 3.2 liters, and gearbox oil of 4 liters. The turning system has a clutch and brake. It has an axial flow system and all of its other features enable the machinery to provide accuracy, productivity, and effectiveness. Overall, it reduces time consumption and increases the quality of output.

Combine harvesters for sale is a chance that our farmers should take up. We offer our customers the best that we can, so visit our website and contact us for the price of the combine harvester.