Kubota DC-93G Combine Harvester in Tanzania

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93G
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Body Weight: 3,875


Kubota Combine Harvesters in Tanzania

A combine harvester is the most modern agricultural machinery, featuring two-grain platforms that each promise to decrease grain loss while assisting in the separation of grain from its stalks. Combine harvesters in Tanzania are able to catch falling rice panicles and enable farmers to determine the frequency of damage to harvested crops. Using a smartphone app, farmers can remotely monitor the functioning and safety of these improved combines. Also being developed are self-propelled combines that use less fuel and pollute the environment less since they generate fewer combustion emissions. Get in touch with us now and grab the most innovative combines for the harvest of your agricultural land in Tanzania and beyond. With its unrivaled performance, farmers in Tanzania may put their trust in Kubota combine harvesters without any reservations. Kubota combine harvesters have a leg up on the competition at Tractors Tanzania because of their superior performance on cultivated ground.

For as long as the Kubota combines have been around, they have served the farming community well. These adaptable harvesting devices have a number of noteworthy applications, one of which is the quick and damage-free harvesting of crops they enable. These harvesting machines in Tanzania continue to gather cash crops such as rice, maize, wheat, oats, and soybeans despite their structural and functional alterations. Farmers may free up as much time as possible by harvesting these crops on time. This extra time can then be put to better use elsewhere on the farm.

Prices for a combine harvester in Tanzania depend on the horsepower of the engine and the harvester’s size. In most cases, the smaller harvest is less expensive, but the bigger one is more expensive as well. It costs between $32,000.00 and $36,000.00 to buy a Kubota DC-93 G in Tanzania excluding additional taxes levied by the country to which it must be delivered. Various horsepower and size Kubota combine harvesters are available from Tractor Tanzania.


Kubota DC-93 G in Tanzania

The Kubota DC-93 G is widely regarded as harvesting’s king. Farmers can maximize grain harvests using this sort of agricultural machinery. The Kubota DC-93 G is intended to cut a 40-foot wide swath across a field of agricultural crops. The Kubota DC-93 G is a high-powered engine that is required for improved soil grip and increased threshing performance in systematic farming. To further aid in maneuverability, this combine includes a larger cylindrical diameter and a power steering lever. Speed of harvesting is measured at 2.10m/s using Kubota’s DC-93 G machine. The Kubota DC-93 G may continue harvesting even on wet soil, preventing crops from ripening excessively, regardless of the weather conditions.

If you are getting ready for the harvest season, you will want a harvester machine that can manage a variety of weather and terrain. Kubota came out with the DC-93 G Combine Harvester in answer to these issues. The DC-93’s superior mud flow function enables it to work well even on 400-mm-deep fields and efficiently gather fallen rice when utilized on poorly-drained paddy fields. This combine harvester has a bigger storage tank, with a capacity of 1800 liters, to provide uninterrupted harvesting operations. The fuel tank can hold up to 120 liters of gasoline, allowing farmers to harvest for extended periods of time. Additionally, a dust suction blower is included inside the combine for fast harvest cleaning.

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