Kubota DC-93G Cabin Combine Harvester in Tanzania

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93G Cabin
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting Width (mm): 2182
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Transition to the mechanization of farming has become a necessity. Gone are the days when farming was done using conventional methods. Farmers want the best yield from their crops and only advanced technology can provide it.

Tanzania’s agricultural sector is no different as well. There is absolutely no doubt that farmers of Tanzania must adapt to the new technology. Hence, farmers of Tanzania are taking steps to do so. They are integrating advanced technology into their agriculture sector.

Combine harvesters are a must to add to the inventory. Tractors Tanzania has excellent models of combine harvesters available for sale. And one of these is the impressive DC-93G CABIN combine harvester.


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Tractors Tanzania has top-of-the-line combine harvesters available for sale. We have the top quality combine harvesters equipped with unmatched advanced technology. We have highly productive and cost-efficient combine harvesters available for sale at affordable prices. DC-93G CABIN combine harvester is also a product of Tractors Tanzania.


Details about DC-93G CABIN combine harvester

 At Tractors Tanzania, numerous combine harvesters belonging to a wide range of sizes and horsepowers are available for sale. Of these significant types is the Kubota DC-93G cabin which is an absolutely impeccable piece of agricultural machinery that has made large changes in agricultural lands. This combine harvester consists of a really high-powered engine delivering a horsepower of 93.3hp and with a battery of 12/80 to maximize the efficiency of its output.

It has a fuel tank with a fuel capacity of 120 liters and a grain tank with a storage capacity of 1800 kilograms. Its speed can be changed using the hydraulic transmission feature. Whilst the turning patterns are carefully controlled via the electronically controlled brake system.


Price of DC-93G CABIN combine harvesters

 Tractors Tanzania offers DC-93G CABIN combine harvester at very affordable prices. We are aware of the budget deficits farmers might face and we understand their concerns. We offer DC-93G CABIN combine harvester at a very competitive price range. So get your desired combine harvester as early as possible at a discounted price.


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