Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester in Tanzania

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction



Tractors Tanzania is an eminent tractor dealer in Tanzania which works to provide agricultural machinery to Tanzanian farmers. We are trusted amongst farmers because we ensure that our equipment and services lead to maximum customer satisfaction. Tanzania is a country in which agriculture is a valuable industry. It contributes to the GDP, exporting, and providing food for the country. This is why Tanzania wants to improve its agricultural output by utilizing technology.

We want to supply our Tanzanian farmers with the tools with which they can complete tasks and reach the country’s goals. Our products include tractors which are from Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and Massive tractors. We also have combine harvesters in Tanzania which are very beneficial for farmers and to be cost-effective, we have combines for sale on our website.


Combine harvesters

A combine harvester can be of great help because of the combine harvester parts and functions. Combine harvester uses are multiple, it can be used to reap, thresh, and winnow. The ability to perform various tasks is what makes this machine so desirable. The cutting and threshing of crops with this combine saves time and effort for our hardworking farmers. Other combine harvester advantages include the ability to easily harvest vast patches of crops, and deliver efficiency, and finer crop yields.

There are cleaner grains which leads to a decreasing rate in the loss of crops. This results in better quality and a drop in costs. There are two types of combine harvester, a control combine harvester which needs a tractor and its functions to operate, and a self-propelled combine harvester which is powered by its own engine.

The price of combine harvester can be high for many but through our website, you can find a combine harvester for sale which suits you and your farm. This ensures a reasonable price to lower the burdens of our Tanzanian farmers and ensure better quality output for them in the future.


Parts of combine harvester and their functions

There are twenty-one parts of a combine harvester which involve the cutter bar, header, threshing drum, pickup reel, sieves, conveyors, and many others. The header is used to gather and push the crops in the direction of the cutter bar. The cutter bars teeth open and close to slice off the base of the crop. The cut crops are moved by the conveyor to the threshing drum where the crops are broken further to separate the grains from the stalks. The grains then fall through sieves to the collecting tanks.


Kubota Combine harvester

Kubota is an esteemed manufacturer which offers agricultural equipment. It gives support at every step of the farming experience. Because of its innovation, reliability, and experience, it is trusted by farmers all around the world. On our website, you can find many Kubota harvesters such as the DC-105X, DC-105X Cabin, DC-35, DC-70 Plus, DC-70G Plus, DC-70G Plus Cabin, DC-93, DC-93G, and DC-93G Cabin.



This durable Kubota harvester has a high-powered engine with 93 horsepower and a grain tank capacity of 1,800 liters. It has a maximum speed of 2.1m/s which boosts the working rate. The overall length of this combine is 5430 mm with an overall width of 2422 mm and an overall height of 2830 mm. Its weight is 3875 kilograms and has a fuel tank capacity of 120 liters. It has an HST hydraulic transmission with an electronically controlled brake and an axial flow system.

The crawler width of this machinery is 550 mm, and the crawler ground contact length is 1890 mm. The average ground pressure is 18.3 Kpa and the minimum ground clearance is 330 mm. All these features lead the combine to expand their ground contact area and lower the ground contact pressure. One of its notable attributes is the mudflow feature which lets this harvester skillfully work with drained paddy fields and reap fallen rice.

The Kubota DC-93 is also environmentally friendly which is great for farmers who care not only about their harvest but the world and its sustainability. There is less manual labor needed due to this combine harvester which makes the harvesting process quicker and easier. This leads to higher productivity and enhanced crop yields.

If you wish to find out the combine harvester price in Tanzania, you can go to our website for further details and contact our representatives. Assistance will be given on every matter for our customers to ensure you get what you need.