Kubota DC-70G Plus Combine Harvester in Tanzania

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-70G Plus
Horsepower: 69hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 85L
Body Weight: 3,150
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction

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Combine harvester in Tanzania

At Tractors Tanzania, you can find combine harvesters as well as tractors to assist you on your farming journey. We are here to provide you with products of the finest quality at a decent price as we have award-winning combines for sale. On our website, you can find various Kubota combine harvesters that can help you elevate your harvest.


Combine harvester uses

Combine harvester advantages are many, including how it completes three functions: reaping, winnowing, and threshing. It cleans not only grain crops but also some non-grain crops such as sunflower seeds, rye, rice, barley, etc. This agricultural machinery allows to shift from manual labor, reducing the wastage of time and effort.

There are two types of combine harvester. These include the control combine harvester and a self-propelled combine harvester. The control combine harvester works with the help of a tractor and its functions while a self-propelled combine harvester has its own engine to operate it.


Parts of combine harvester and their functions

Combine harvester’s parts and functions are what makes it so great. A combine harvester has twenty-one parts comprising the header, cleaning the fan, separator, pickup reel, conveyors, and many others. The header makes sure to gather the crop and push it towards the combine.

The pickup reel leads the crops in the direction of the cutter bar where they are sliced. Then they converge at the revolving reel. From the conveyor, crops reach the threshing area where stems are removed from grains. Grains are accumulated in the collecting tank through the sieve.


Kubota harvester

Kubota is an agricultural machinery manufacturer that is known globally. It has been working on improving equipment for farmers for fifty years and that’s why the Kubota combines are considered the most reliable by many farmers. It is also considered to have one of the best tractors in the market.


DC-70G Plus

Kubota DC-70G plus has 70 horsepower with a grain tank capacity of 1700 liters. It has a two-meter wide hydraulic head while the machine weighs 3,030 kilograms. Its overall length is 4,800 mm, overall width is 2,260 mm, and 2,990 mm. This combine has a fuel tank capacity that is 85 liters and a starter motor. With a diesel engine, it has a hydraulic transmission system.

The maximum engine rotation speed is 2700 rpm. Its blade width is 1,980 mm while having a hydraulic brake. So its power steering and smooth brake system is a strength. Because of its features, it is able to cater to any type of paddle field. The Dc-70G has a ground clearance of 325 mm which means that it had a large cutting width. There is a thresh shaft rotation of 560 RPM and four sieves. The highest amount of land per hour worked has been estimated to be between 1 and 1.25 acres.

Furthermore, the machine has a 3-speed auxiliary gearbox that offers significant torque to boost transmission power output. This leads to extra capacity that enables the harvester to perform in hard work situations like bogs. It is easily manageable and utilized as parts of the combine can be opened up to inspect simply.

There is fuel economy and all operations are done faster due to this machine. Due to its cylinders and concaves, high performance and cleaner harvest can be achieved. Its 2 m head, reel, and divider result in efficiency and lower grain loss. Other notable features of this Kubota harvester are its multi-functional control lever, proper wheelbase, digital dashboard, and indicators.

Our combine harvesters for sale at great prices are our way to ensure more accessibility for our farmers and to reduce the combine harvester price in Tanzania. All our products, however, are guaranteed to be in good condition and are dependable. To find out the price of combine harvester, you can get in touch with our representatives who can also aid you in other informational matters.