Kubota DC-105X Cabin Combine Harvester in Tanzania

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X Cabin
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Body Weight: 4,750

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What is Combine Harvester?

In the case of harvesting crops like rice, wheat, or maize, a combine harvester is used to remove the grain from its attached stalk in a clean and efficient manner. The name of this agricultural implement is derived from its functions. A combine harvester’s components are designed to optimize output on the farmland. Threshing drums are used to separate grains from crops that have been harvested. After that, a perforated sieve separates the grains, which fall into a collection tank as a result of the drum’s intense rattling. A conveyor belt then transports the stalks that have been discarded from the Kubota combine harvester to the back of the machine.

Power Stream from Combine Harvester minimizes waste and maximizes material intake, delivering a higher level of performance. By combining this header with the original cutting unit, it is possible to prevent shattering losses and assure uniform feeding (powered by a planetary gear reducer). Powered by hydraulics, the reel is able to automatically adjust its speed to keep pace with the ground.


Combine Harvester in Tanzania

All your harvesting queries about combine harvesters in Tanzania and concerns may be answered by Tractors Tanzania, the leading provider of high-quality combines for sale in Tanzania and beyond. Products from our company are sold across Tanzania and beyond. At Tractors Tanzania, we have a wide selection of branded and imported combines for sale. To safeguard the vital time and money of the agricultural labor class, Kubota Combine harvesters have been trying to simplify conventional methods of winnowing, threshing, and harvesting.


DC 105x Cabin

DC 105X Cabin has an air-conditioned cabin that helps keep the driver cool when working in the farmyards in the summer heat. The DC 105X Cabin is regarded as one of the top harvesting machines by farmers because of its superior quality performance. For rice harvesting in Tanzanian farmlands, this powerful diesel engine ensures 100% regeneration of the newer crop while simultaneously reducing loss rates to 3 percent or less.

It is one of Tanzania’s most extensively utilized combine harvesters, and sales have allegedly increased as a result of the convenience it offers farmers while also reducing the amount of harvested produce. Because the Kubota harvester has a larger grain tank and a larger fuel tank, it can operate for more hours without having to worry about running out of any of these resources.

For drivers who need to operate their combine harvester in inclement weather or other conditions when visibility is reduced, the DC-105X Cabin provides an improved level of comfort and convenience over the older DC-105X model. The harvesting breadth of the DC-105X Cabin has been expanded from 2.53 m to 2.76 m, resulting in a 10% increase in harvesting efficiency. It yields more while using less time. The length of the threshing drums has been expanded from 1790 mm to 2210 mm in order to boost grain harvest. Crop loss is minimized and the harvest yield is maximized. Improved fuel economy and power are provided by Center Direct Injection (CDIS) technology, which allows the engine to operate for extended periods of time without refilling.