DC-93 Harvester in Tanzania

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-93 in Tanzania

Powered by an engine with 93 horsepower, Kubota Combine Harvester DC-93 can reach a top speed of 2.1 mph. There is a significant improvement in productivity as a result of this since workers are able to move more quickly between paddy fields. As a result of the greater reaping width (2.18 meters), fewer revolutions are required, which reduces the amount of damage to paddy fields while simultaneously boosting productivity and output by almost 20% over DC-70 Plus. Ground contact pressure is reduced because of the wide crawlers included as standard equipment in the DC-93 machine. When traveling to harvest in poorly drained rice fields, high lug crawlers provide grip on the soil to avoid sinking. Even in muddy environments, these crawlers are capable of working.

Choosing a combine harvester that can function in a wide range of weather and field conditions is one of the most essential things farmers can do as they begin making preparations for harvesting time. The DC-93 Combine Harvester was designed by Kubota as a solution to harvesting equipment problems. The DC-93’s remarkable mud flow performance allows it to operate effectively even on fields that are 400 mm deep and successfully gather fallen rice when utilized on paddy fields with poor drainage. Some special features of DC-93 are:

  • Turning and adjusting the cutting height are simple activities that can be done with one hand;
  • Using the simple movement of the lever, you may quickly complete your assignment. It is easy to go forward or backward;
  • To improve overall efficiency, the 235-Degree Swing Unloading Auger and Heavy-Duty Grain Tanks eliminate the need for a second discharge;
  • Emptying Streamlined Unloading is made simple by using a Reversible-Type Auger. By simply pushing the HST Lever to the right of the operator, the Auger’s unloading speed may be increased to its maximum potential;
  • Grain Tank may be emptied in only 1 minute and 30 seconds with the least disruption if full operations are quickly restored.

Combine harvester in Tanzania

As long as the company has been around, Kubota Combine Harvesters have been an essential part of the farming industry. One of the many practical applications of these harvesting gadgets is that they allow farmers to harvest crops more quickly and without causing any harm. There are many more uses for it than this one. But these agricultural machines continue to gather cash crops like rice, maize, oats and soybeans despite the adjustments to their structure. Farmers may save time by harvesting these crops at the right time. Additional time may then be put to better use on the farm by working in more productive parts of the operation.

Because of their great output and low running costs, combine harvesters have gained a reputation in Tanzania as one of the most reliable and trustworthy pieces of agricultural machinery. In the short term as well as the long term, buyers of a combine harvester stand to benefit from the high level of efficiency and precision that the equipment boasts. This approach has helped rice producers to save labor costs while also increasing yield since it has automated rice harvesting and transplanting processes. Tractors Tanzania sells a wide range of combine harvesters at a reasonable price in Tanzania. From 60 to 105 horsepower are available to these harvesters. Many of Tanzania’s most productive combine harvesters may be found here.

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