Kubota Combine Harvester DC-35 in Tanzania

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-35 in Tanzania

Rice harvesters like the Kubota combine harvester DC-35 are ideal for usage in paddy fields that are on the smaller side because of their straightforward construction and shallow harvest angles. Because of this, it is now able to rotate the harvesting head in a fast and effective manner. Harvesting is possible in tight quarters because to equipment that is both compact and simple to operate. This piece of agricultural machinery is characterized by its rapid rotation, which is both efficient and effective, as well as its narrow harvesting angles (turning). As a result of its diminutive size, it is feasible to transport a greater number of items at once. Because of its enormous size and relatively light weight, the crawler only experiences a moderate amount of pressure from the earth. Some of the features of Kubota Combine harvester DC-35 are:

·         High-performance threshing and separation under heavy loads;

·         Typical Air Stream Cleaning System maintains a constant airflow across the filter box. This procedure reduces the amount of husks and other waste material even when processing huge amounts;

·         It is easy to clean slide-out filtration units, since the drill/screws and fans are all located within the filter box;

·         Reversing Mechanism for Kubota combine harvester makes it simple to reverse the feed conveyor chain if the feeder conveyor or drill drum gets blocked;

·         Convenient and feature-rich at the same time;

·         For tiny rice fields, this is the ideal machine;

·         Extraordinary efficiency in heavy duty operation;

·         Ease of use;

·         Low-maintenance;

Combine harvester in Tanzania

There are a number of steps in the harvesting process that are completed sequentially by a combine harvester. In Tanzania, crops that have been cut are hauled or moved to a place where they will be threshed; paddy grain is then separated out from the remainder of the chopped crops, and non-grain elements are removed. In addition to allowing the harvested crop to be stacked or piled, a combine harvester leaves the product in the field to dry naturally in the sun. In the case of crops, the agricultural machine is used to collect seeds or edible sections that have been placed at the top of the grains and then discard or leave behind the lower or inedible or chaff portion of the crop. In Tanzania, paddy, oats, wheat, barley, rye and maize are just some of the crops that can be harvested using a combine harvester. Sunflower, linseed and canola are just a few of the crops that can be harvested using a combine.

In Tanzania, the price of a combine harvester is mostly determined by two factors: the engine’s horsepower and the harvester’s size. A smaller harvest will nearly always be less expensive than a bigger one, according to the general rule of thumb. Additional taxes in the country where the car will be delivered are not included in this pricing. Kubota combine harvesters are available from Tractor Tanzania in a variety of horsepower and size configurations. Farmers in Tanzania have the potential to benefit from Tractors Tanzania’s initiatives provided they have access to modern agricultural machinery. The use of our agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters, increases the productivity of the sowing, harvesting, and threshing processes. We are able to provide access to a wide range of agricultural machinery that is currently available for purchase in Tanzania. These itty-bitty accessories, which range from boom sprayers and fertilizer spreaders to chisel ploughs and disc harrows, are very important to the operation and upkeep of your farm.

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