Kubota Combine Harvesters in Tanzania

Different Models of Kubota Combine Harvester

Kubota combine harvester is multi-purpose equipment in Tanzania that can quickly and effectively harvest a wide range of grain crops. As the name implies, this technique involves combining not one, but three independent harvesting steps into a single process. Combine harvesters are often used to harvest wheat (oats), corn (maize), soy (flour), flax (linseed), wheat (rye and barley), barley (rye), and barley (rye) (barley). In addition, the Kubota combine harvester leaves piles of harvested veggies to dry out in the open air. Grains may be simpler to harvest when they are separated into edible and non-edible parts by a machine. Soybeans and sunflower seeds are among the crops that may be harvested with a combine.

Kubota DC-35

Kubota DC-35 rice harvester is ideal for small paddy fields. Harvesting in compact locations is made possible due to a tiny and easy to use design with narrow harvesting angles and quick, effective rotation (turning). The short distance between points A and B is made possible by the Narrow Ridge’s compact shape.

The Kubota DC-35‘s compact shape and low weight make it ideal for small fields. User experience should be improved because of its smaller size. It may be used in a variety of workplaces. Kubota DC 35 combine harvester is ideal for harvesting small paddy fields because of its simple design and low harvest angles, which allow for rapid and efficient rotations of the harvesting head and harvesting head. The vehicle’s cargo capacity is improved during journey due to its tiny size. The crawler is incredibly light and wide, which reduces the amount of stress the mud puts on the vehicle.

Kubota DC-93

With a maximum speed of 2.1 m/s, the Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester is capable of traversing paddy fields at a far quicker rate than other harvesters. As the new DC-70 Plus version has a wider reaping width (2.18 meters), it reduces the number of rounds needed and the damage to paddy fields while increasing the speed of operation and the working rate by around 20 percent. The DC-93’s superior mud flow function enables it to work well even on 400-mm-deep fields and efficiently gather fallen rice when utilized on poorly-drained paddy fields.

Kubota DC- 105X

The DC 105X is an outstanding Kubota combine harvester. This machine is known for its high productivity and low fuel consumption. Its powerful engine allows the DC 105X Combine Harvester to work effectively in muddy terrain with heavy loads (77.2 hp). Fueling is quicker because of the huge tank’s capacity of 105 liters. The stainless threshing system delivers long-term efficiency in soil and rice paddy conditions. High productivity is combined with long-term reliability in the Kubota DC-105X. Despite its size, it is quite light. With the Kubota DC-105X combine harvester, you get the best of both worlds: nimbleness and fuel efficiency. It features axial-flow threshing cylinders with enormous diameters and lengthy lengths. It has the ability to thresh difficult-to-separate grains like rice with ease. The Kubota DC-105X’s design is characterized by a balance of strength and flexibility. Paddy and industrial crop farms may handle all of their contracts using this system to save resources like time and gas. Because the material is smooth and pleasant, regardless of the conditions, the operator will find it easy to use.

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