Massey Ferguson MF-240 50hp Tractors in Tanzania

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 240
Horse Power: 50hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New


Finding quality tractors in Tanzania, that are pocket-friendly and are categorized among the compact and subcompact tractor ranges can be quite challenging. Having said that, Tractors Tanzania is here to assist you in terms of compact and subcompact tractors that are durable and economical, fitting the budget of every Tanzanian farmer.

Massey Ferguson MF-240 is considered to be the most economical tractor, featuring 50 hp while depicting the most rugged and accessible features that can be handled by every layman farmer. It is one of the most versatile tractors with a powerful Perkins engine depicting a raging speed measured to be 1789 rpm at 540 PTO.

This 2WD tractor gives the most convenient drive while executing multiple farming tasks. Furthermore, this competitive tractor bears outdoor drum brakes for the tractor to be braked instantaneously.

Its transmission is best suitable for farming ventures with 2 reverse and 8 forward gears, delivering diverse speed options to easily cater to any application as need be. For elevating the smoothness of the transmission, dual-clutch and manual mechanical steering is fitted as part of the mechanized system of the compact tractors. This tractor is fuel-efficient, the fuel tank can accommodate approximately 47.5L of diesel while simultaneously delivering quality which is why it is undoubtedly one of the most successful compact tractors in the African region.

Features of Massey Ferguson MF-240

Massey Ferguson MF-240 is one of the most adaptable and adjustable tractors supplied by Tractors Tanzania. The 50hp engine of Massey Ferguson MF-240 is versatile enough to suffice the long working hours of agricultural operations. At times, this tractor has worked nonstop for straight 15 hours in the agricultural fields. Most of the farm implements have a compatibility range of 50hp, henceforth this tractor featuring a 50hp of power source allows a wider range of farm implements to easily mount onto it thereby increasing the credibility of this tractor manifold. The revolutionary rugged engine is unique in terms of loading and lifting weight capacity of 1415 kg.

Massey Ferguson MF-240 is exclusively designed with a sturdy metal frame that is shielded by special chemicals making it highly resistant to wear and tear incidents. The interior of MF-240 elucidates the true design of comfort thus providing tiresome farmers with some comforting relief.

Of the roughest and toughest Massey Ferguson Tractors in Tanzania, MF-240 is the toughest of all. It can survive in the most adverse climatic conditions, no matter how damp the agricultural soil is, this tractor can exceptionally perform powerful agricultural operations which no other tractor in such conditions could execute. The torque and power delivered by MF-240 are unmatchable as these can support any heavy-duty or commercial tasks.

With all these enthralling features of Massey Ferguson MF-240, for small-scale farmers of Tanzania, this tractor is the most voted option. And definitely, you never want to miss out on the package boosted with some of the most compelling features of MF-240! So don’t hesitate and get in touch now.