Reconditioned MF-375 Tractor in Tanzania

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 375
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Reconditioned

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We are your most trusted tractor partner in Tanzania

Tractors Tanzania is one of the very few trusted tractor dealers in Tanzania, trusted by thousands of Tanzanian farmers for the supply of top-notch agricultural machinery in terms of budget, quality, and performance. We provide tractors that are not only affordable but are of great quality and can be used for decades.

Refurbished tractors within your reach

A whole category of refurbished tractors is under the domain of Tractors Tanzania. All these tractors categorized under this category are next to perfect and not a single flaw can be identified from their performance. We aim to make high-end agricultural machinery accessible to local Tanzanians by making it affordable and reachable.

Our team thoroughly invigilates and reconditions all these tractors before making them accessible to the general public.

Refurbished MF – 375 is your farming ally

One of the Massey Ferguson Tractors that has been largely used by the farmer clan for haulage and commuting purposes has to be the MF-375. At our tractor company, refurbished MF-375 are available which are a class apart. Not only can these suffice the need for a modern tractor but also reduce the farming burden to a great degree.

  • Engine

The Perkins diesel engine of MF-375 plays a crucial role in executing strenuous operations including haulage and commute activities. The engine speed is around 1789 rpm at 540 live PTO rpm. The 75Hp powered engine is provided with waterproof couplers along with an improved harness set to regulate the heat.

  • Transmission

The sliding spur transmission type with 2 reverse and 8 forward gears is present. Besides, Multi-Power and synchromesh transmission type featuring 4 reverse and 12 forward gears is also integrated. Lastly, the side shift synchronized shuttle transmission type, with 3 reverse and 9 forward gears is identified at varied speed ranges.

Investing in a refurbished tractor can be a risky step to take. However, with our tractor company, you have nothing to worry about, as we won’t risk your hard-earned money and are here to guide you!