New Holland Ghazi Tractor in Tanzania

Model / Type: New Holland Ghazi
Horse Power: 65hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Orange

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New Holland Ghazi – Tractors Tanzania

Looking forward to investing in a productive compact tractor that is equally good performance-wise as it is by design? Well, look no further because you’ve landed on the right webpage.


Tractors Tanzania

Tractors Tanzania is a one-stop e-shop where you can purchase all the agricultural machinery that can be of immense help for farming operations. From high-end New Holland Tractors to farm implements, accessories and you name it. A huge variety of tractors are available at reduced prices especially the brand new New Holland Tractors for sale in Tanzania.

From all these years of strenuous efforts, Tractors Tanzania has maintained a reputation that cannot be challenged. As a tractor dealer in Tanzania, we have raised the standards of quality and customer service which is why we have retained a vast amount of customers that solely rely on us for their farming needs.


New Holland Tractor

New Holland is a brand that considerably focuses on precision to detail as well as on the quality of agricultural machinery. This tractor brand has a genuine fan following due to its durable and versatile tractors that are long-lasting and known to be used for years. Its selective tractors cater to multiple horsepower ranges to which various farm implements belonging to different categories can be adhered, thereby reducing the stress that the Tanzanian farmers have had to face. The New Holland Tractors in Tanzania have been able to satisfy the Tanzanian farmers because of incredible machinery that is equally adaptable to farming needs.


New Holland Ghazi Tractor

The New Holland Ghazi Tractor is one of the most productive and useful tractors developed by the New Holland Tractor company. This tractor possesses a highly potential engine delivering 65hp. Being economical and productive, this tractor has become the epitome of performance among the farmers of Tanzania. The transmission of the New Holland Ghazi Tractor is accurate with 8-speed forward and 2-speed reverse gears. This 2WD tractor is by far the most eligible tractor that can compete with the expensive 4WD tractors because of its extraordinary performance in the Tanzanian field of agriculture.

Furthermore, the front of the radiator of the New Holland Ghazi Tractor is supplied by a 100/103 Ah battery which is the main reason behind the exemplary performance of this tractor. The mechanical control of the brake is very essential for the farmers to easily stop the tractor as need be. For a deluxe and comfortable driving experience, the driver’s seat is cushioned with an adjustable spring suspension seat.


Agricultural demands

The population of the world is expanding and the production of food must rise as quickly as it can. To ensure a safe rise in crop production, farmers and the agricultural department should invest in reliable agricultural assets such as tractors that can reap productive results within a minimal time.

Tractors Tanzania provides the farmers of Tanzania with opportunities to invest in durable agricultural machinery particularly compact New Holland Tractors that can easily cater to the farming needs of small to midsize farms.

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