MF 360 Tractor in Tanzania

Massey Ferguson 360 Tractor in Tanzania

The Massey Ferguson tractor for sale, MF- 360, is a utility tractor with both two- and four-wheel drive. The MF 360 comes with three different types of transmissions: an eight-speed gear type transmission, a six-speed mechanical shuttle transmission, or a 12-speed synchromesh transmission. The MF 360’s 2.5-liter (152.0-cubic-inch) engine has three cylinders and is equipped with three pistons. The three-cylinder diesel engine powers the vehicle. The Massey Ferguson 360 utility tractor was equipped with a Perkins AT3.152 engine. 2.5 liters and 2,491 cm2 is the displacement of this turbodiesel three-cylinder engine (152.0). The piston stroke is 127.0 millimeters, while the cylinder diameter is 91.0 millimeters (3.58 inches) (5 inches). The engine’s output power was 60.8 PS at 2,200 revolutions per minute (rpm) (44.7 kW; 60.0 HP). Hydraulic power steering, differential wet disc brakes, and a two-post rollover protection framework are all included as standard equipment on the MF 360. Massey Ferguson tractors in Tanzania, MF-360, have a set of tilling tools, with a total of six. Everything from seedlings to transportation is covered by these tools. With a cover crop of 1.65 meters in length and an area of 0.50 meters wide, these implements are capable of harvesting up to three tons of grain per hour at an average rate of 12.5 pounds per square foot. The range’s reach is continually being expanded by ongoing developments. For this tractor, the MF 260 has been updated to accommodate these additional characteristics. This tractor is preferred by customers who want power steering. A few significant characteristics of the 360 tractor are hydraulic power steering and disc brakes. Competition for this tractor comes from a model from New Holland dubbed the Ghazi DB tractor.

Importance of Massey Ferguson tractors in Tanzania

Small family farms in Tanzania are responsible for the majority of the country’s agricultural production. Small farmers in Tanzania now have the opportunity to extend and strengthen their agricultural endeavors because to Tanzania’s increasing mechanization. Tractors Tanzania imports brand new Massey Ferguson tractors from Pakistan. These tractors are used as the main tools of agricultural machinery in Tanzania. When working with the PTO and hydraulics, as well as when transporting the tractor, the Engine Power Management (EPM) system that is standard on Massey Ferguson tractors for sale offers an extra 30 horsepower of power. Tractors manufactured by Massey Ferguson were among the first in the world to use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. From the very beginning, tractors have featured this system and other complementing technologies as an integral part of their design. Tractors Tanzania is primarily concerned with the marketing of brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Tanzania. Customers have the ability to search for products at Tractors Tanzania using a variety of parameters, including brands, models, and others. Customers may discover a wide selection of new tractors for agricultural use at Tractors Tanzania. When a potential client approaches us, the first thing that we do is determine what type of tractor he needs; hence, the length and width of the tractor are very crucial considerations. Tractors are distinguished by having a smaller turning radius, making them perfect for regions where there is not too much room; on the other hand, bigger tractors are used more for pulling equipment such as plows or to haul cargo. Tractors are good for locations where there is not too much space. The power of the tractor increases in direct proportion to its overall size.

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