Massey Ferguson 260 Tractor in Tanzania

Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale have been purpose-built to do tasks such as agricultural, loading, and other heavy-duty loadings to which they will be put. The intimidating-appearing Massey Ferguson 260 turbo tractor has all of these traits and satisfies the basic criterion. Because of its adjustable size, gripping tires and absorbable suspension, it is able to accomplish the chores you need to perform in a smoother and more straightforward manner. Because it is a high-performing, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly tractor, the Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor is a model that is much sought. The lower fuel usage and higher quality characteristics of the MF-260 tractor mean that it produces less smoke than other tractors. For this reason, people are constantly looking for MF-260 Massey Ferguson tractors in Tanzania that are now up for sale, since they are used for a wide variety of agricultural purposes. The price of the MF 260 Tractor is fairly reasonable and evaluations of the product are consistently positive from consumers who have purchased it and been pleased with it.

Massey Ferguson tractors in Tanzania, MF-260 has a 60 horsepower Perkins T 3.1524 turbocharged engine. When the PTO is set at 540 rpm, the engine’s speed is 1789 rpm. Eight forward and two reverse speeds are available in the gearbox of the MF-260. To further enhance vehicle control, it has a manual steering system as well as an oil-immersed multi-disc mechanical brake. When the MF-260 Hydraulic System is at room temperature, it can lift up to 2170 kg with lower connections and oil flow rates of up to 16 liters per minute at the maximum pressure of 21 megapascals. In order for the system to function properly, this functionality must be included. The MF – 260, Massey Ferguson Tractors in Tanzania, is a type that is highly recommended for use in Tanzania’s environment. It features a 2.5-liter engine with direct injection that can generate 48 horsepower at a maximum of 1600 revolutions per minute and 212-newton meters of torque. In addition to these features, the tractor is outfitted with a 12 V 96 AMP, or 2.2 KW, the electrical battery, as well as gauges and a tachometer that displays information on the fuel level, the state of the battery, and the water temperature as it is a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and high performing tractor. MF-260 tractor emits less smoke due to its less fuel consumption with excellent quality features. Because of this, individuals are consistently looking for an MF-260 tractor to fulfill their diverse requirements for farming.

Farmers of Tanzania’s favorite tractors

Massey Ferguson tractors in Tanzania are the favorite tractors of Tanzanian farmers. Farmers in Tanzania may choose from a wide range of specifications, features, and add-ons when purchasing a Massey Ferguson tractor in Tanzania. Farmers in Tanzania have a strong preference for Massey Ferguson tractors for sale as a consequence. In Tanzania, Tractors Tanzania provides MF tractors ranging from heavy-duty MF-385s with 85 horsepower to more compact MF-240s with 50 horsepower. Tractors Tanzania can meet all of your agricultural needs. Massey Ferguson tractors for sale are an ideal option for Tanzanian farms since there are not many large ones in the country.

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