Reconditioned MF-385 Tractor in Tanzania

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 385
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Condition: Reconditioned

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Easily accessible agricultural machinery to your doorstep

Tractors Tanzania is the finest tractor dealer in Tanzania, enabling you to solve all your farming problems under one roof. Our agricultural machinery belongs to the biggest agricultural brands, namely Massey Ferguson Tractors. We own a diverse network of tractors and farming resources that are accessible throughout the region. We make sure, every high-end agricultural product is available for the local farmers of Tanzania.

The secret behind the success story of Tanzanian farmers

Tanzanian farmers have been able to successfully reap and harvest huge crop quantities without burdening themselves. Reconditioned tractors of Tractors Tanzania are the ultimate reason behind the prompt and effortless reaping and harvesting procedures. We own plenty of reconditioned Massey Ferguson Tractors, belonging to various categories that have been empowering African farmers for years. Our tractors are equally operator friendly, economical, and highly result-optimized.

MF-385 and innumerable perks

The most affordable and result-efficient tractor of the 300 series is the MF-385. This tractor has become the epitome of preference since hardcore farming operations can be executed promptly and effortlessly. Besides, this tractor is quite innovative such that it consumes lesser fuel while delivering the expected results.

The tractor’s outstanding features

The direct 4-cylinder Perkins diesel is capable of adhering to compatible farm implements resonating with 85hp. This committed tractor delivers maximum torque of 291 Nm rated at 1400 rpm. The axle is of straddle type, featuring epicyclic reduction. Whereas the parking brakes are hand-lever operated. The thermostat along with the liquid coolant works parallel to mediate the engine within the heat limit. A fuel tank of 108 L suffices the diesel requirement even when traveling long distances.

The hydrostatic power steering uplifts the driving experience. Sliding spur transmission type is easily manageable, featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Altogether, the power steering and manual transmission mode can generate road speed at 2200 rpm.

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