New Holland 640 Tractor in Tanzania

Model / Type: New Holland 640
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red

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New Holland Tractor 640 – Tractors Tanzania

Tractors Tanzania, being the reliable tractor dealer in Tanzania is highly capable of delivering remarkable agricultural machinery that sustains the agricultural operations without stressing the farmers further. Tractors Tanzania is known for its timely delivery and quality of tractors that work for years and falls under the budget of every Tanzanian farmer. We are the New Holland tractor dealers in Tanzania, offering compact New Holland Tractor models at competitive prices. Our in-stock inventory is available for all, having something or the other to cater to each and every farming need.


New Holland Tractors

New Holland Tractors is an acknowledgeable tractor brand, keeping the word of promise in terms of quality, contentment, and durability. New Holland Tractors being the iconic tractor brand has made millions of customers all around the globe because of their round-the-clock services that are definitely worth the money.


New Holland Tractors 640

If you’re looking for a compact tractor that works perfectly fine keeping in mind the requirements of a small to midsize farm, then New Holland Tractor 640 is the ideal match suiting your requirements. The New Holland Tractor 640 is a 75hp compact tractor, swiftly fulfilling the needs of the Tanzanian farmers by providing mechanized measures for their everyday commuting and transporting ventures. Moreover, this type of compact tractor is crucially useful in agricultural tasks like ploughing, hauling, land preparation, etc.

Its direct diesel engine delivers 75hp to deliver the best performance as expected. Its low fuel consumption is what makes this tractor desirable. Despite running low on fuel, we see no compromise in its agricultural performance. It can further assist in the harvest of multiple crops if compatible farm implements are mounted on it.

This 2WD tractor being economical eradicates the need for any other extravagant tractor by delivering similar operational performance. The spring suspension seat and manual operation allow the farmer to easily drive with comfort. Its unique front frame is the result of the positioned headlamps. The fuel tank capacity is measured to be 54L thus the tractor can work for nonstop hours without having to worry about refilling fuel.

The cooling system of this tractor is radiated through water means. Furthermore, a 110/120 Ah battery operates the engine to run smoothly on the patchy fields. This tractor is basically a low-maintenance tractor where the fuel and oil filters are already provided with additional cartridges. The gearbox transmission comprises 8 forward and 2 reverse gears to easily grip the speed changes.


Crops of Tanzania

The Tanzanian cash crops include rice, millet, wheat, sorghum, beans, soybeans, cocoa, banana, etc. To excel in their rate of production, qualitatively functional tractors like New Holland Tractors should be made easily available in every part of Tanzania.

We at Tractors Tanzania, however, keenly strive to supply the best New Holland Tractors to every part of Tanzania to ensure the successful continuation of agricultural operations. Our brand new, New Holland tractors for sale in Tanzania are of exquisite quality and can be made available at special rates for assisting farmers largely.

So far, with all these compelling features, this tractor should definitely be added to the cart before it runs out of stock. So amp up your agricultural operations with the rough and tough New Holland 640.