Massive 385 Tractor

Model / Type: Massive 385
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,



Massive tractor 385 2WD – Tractors Tanzania

Exhausted of landing on irrelevant tractor websites offering worn-out yet expensive agricultural machinery? Are you tired of looking for the most adaptable tractors that fit your agricultural and farming needs, but with no luck? Not to worry now as Tractors Tanzania provides you with the most eminent agricultural solutions at surprisingly affordable rates.


Tractors Tanzania offers Massive Tractors

Massive Tractor is the only tractor brand that didn’t have to strive to make a name in the tractor industry rather it gained instant fame because of its tremendously skillful tractors that paved the way for the success of the brand. The first priority of African farmers is undoubtedly Massive Tractors because of the high-quality agricultural products delivered by them at the promised time. Massive Tractors are known for their words as they are truly committed to providing the utmost agricultural benefits that the underprivileged and uneducated Tanzanian farmers are deprived or depleted of. Our tractor dealers in Tanzania own a deluxe showroom of facilitative agricultural tractors, particularly Massive Tractors, on their plentiful benefits we could certainly count on.

Massive Tractors so far are among the most successful tractor brands, as their approach is customer-centric and they believe in satisfying their customers’ needs by delivering optimal quality at comparable rates.


Massive Tractor 385 2WD

There are numerous 2WD tractors available in the Tanzanian agricultural market. However, the most desirable and iconic of them is undeniably Massive Tractor 385 2WD whose effective cooling engine reduces the temperature of the excessive heat leading to highly combustive fumes. This tractor owns a greater power engine, radiating 85hp, and has the tendency to easily adhere to a range of farm implements that are likely compatible with 85hp or more such as balers, conveyors, etc.

Comparative to a number of tractors, of fairly similar horsepower, the Massive Tractor for sale, is economical, possesses greater traction control, and has greater drawbar power. Being a high-duty compact tractor, the expectations from the Massive Tractor 385 2WD are very high. Hats off to the 85hp rugged tractor, which has remarkably and flawlessly exceeded expectations with its operational high performance, smooth and comfortable drive, and maximum workability owing to its unique and sturdy external frame.

The Massive Tractor 385 2WD is exclusively integrated with highly efficient oil-immersed disc brakes and hydrostatic power steering, both of which have assisted in its easy maneuvering. The brand new Massive Tractor 385 2WD can be easily found at our tractor dealers in Tanzania, with terrific price bundles that are awaiting to be bought.


Farming contribution

The exclusive agricultural products purchased from Tractors Tanzania have been catering to the farmers of Tanzania in accelerating the pace of production by means of sowing more and harvesting more. Tanzanian agriculture is termed to be dynamic because it is supplied with splendid agricultural machinery to assist in the elevated production of wheat, coffee, cocoa, maize, soybeans, etc.

The economic statistics of Tanzania have reportedly targeted to increase the GDP by successfully improving its agriculture system. To help Tanzania, in achieving this elevated target, Tractors Tanzania should continue the supply of its imported and world-class tractors and other farming tools that have significantly made a positive impact on the growth of cash crops and more.

So hurry now and get the most affordable price for your exceedingly functional Massive Tractor!