Massive 375 4WD Tractor

Model / Type: Massive 375 4WD
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.41D
No. of cylinders: 4
Gear Box: 8 forward, 2 reverse
Brakes: Oil-immersed, multi-disc
Maximum Lift Capacity: 2,145 kg
Colour: Red


Hydraulic Position Control,
High P.T.O Power,
Spring Suspension Seat,



Massive Tractor 375 4WD – Tractors Tanzania

Looking for a reliable tractor in Tanzania that skillfully accommodates your budget requirements while performing exemplary in an agricultural landscape? Well, then Tractors Tanzania has got your back!


Massive Tractors

Massive Tractors have developed a reputable name in the relevant niche market of Tanzania and beyond. These tractors possess a remarkable power to successfully furnish agricultural tasks as needed by the farmers. Massive Tractors portray a diverse range of agricultural products which have shown tremendous productive results over time.

These Massive tractors in Tanzania are imported and manufactured with high-class qualitative raw materials to assure that the farmers of Tanzania can make the most out of them. These tractors have notably made difference in the maintenance of agricultural fields which otherwise would be at the hands of farmers for prolonged days.


Tractors Tanzania

The team at Tractors Tanzania is highly professional in terms of the provision of welcoming customer service. Furthermore, for tackling any technical issues, at Tractors Tanzania we own an intensive, highly educated, and trained personnel to cater to such critical matters. Our brand new tractors for sale and other agricultural machinery are under a nice warranty period and we strictly adhere to our policy in terms of repair and exchange.

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Massive Tractor 375 4WD

Massive Tractor 375 exclusively depicts a four-wheeled drive, allowing its rough and tough engine to work whenever and wherever required. The 4.41D, 4-cylinder engine tractor, emits the power of 75hp, allowing it to work in synchrony with multiple farm implements that are of key significance in the agricultural field.

The shape of this tractor is some sort of aerodynamic in nature with a glazed red wrapper around it. This type of tractor is designed in a particular way to radiate less or no noise, with extremely reduced levels of combustion of fuel. The reliability of the agricultural operations assisted by this type of tractor is a measure of their efficiency and with an actuated oil-immersed multi-breaking system fitted within this tractor, the efficiency is 100% guaranteed.

Amusingly a Massive Tractor 375 has a maximum lifting capacity measured to be 2,145 kg, due to which this tractor is the most appropriate tractor for weight lifting functions. The farmers of Tanzania are often worried about towing and lifting bulk substances of substantial weight. However, with the Massive Tractor 375 4WD, this problem is under control.

With all these enthralling, productive, and dynamic features, a Massive Tractor 375 is a pack of power that every farm must own.


Agriculture and GDP

Tanzanian agriculture is supplied by supreme tractor dealers like Tractors Tanzania with workable and productive agricultural machinery. The authentic agricultural machinery supplied has increased the ratio of production of crops like wheat, rice, soybeans, millet, etc. exponentially which are seemingly crucial for feeding the country’s population.

With the continual efforts of Tractors Tanzania, the farmers have had to struggle less while obtaining greater output through mechanized farming tools. In this way, the growing GDP of the country is able to reach incredible heights that were otherwise unreachable.

The success story of world-class qualitative tractors like Massive Tractor cannot be put into words. Once you invest in these, you will feel the difference for yourself in how your crop productivity has augmented.