Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale

Massey Ferguson Models for Sale in Tanzania

Massey Ferguson tractors are sold by Tractors Tanzania. Sub-assembly manufacturers in Europe have come up with simple and durable tractors based on their technologies. Using the latest technology from well-known manufacturers, these tractors provide excellent performance. Engineers from Massey Ferguson’s own development department have created the company’s tractors. In terms of global tractor production, Massey Ferguson is one of the top three.

MF-240 tractors

Due to farmer satisfaction, Massey Ferguson MF – 240 tractors are required. It should outperform other tractors in terms of performance. Reciprocating Ferguson Pumps are standard equipment on Massey Ferguson MF-240 tractors. When it comes to features like as draft control or position control, the Massey Ferguson Tractors 240 have you covered! These features set the MF 240 apart from competing tractors.

It is one of the best-known loading tractors. The MF-240 has a stroke of 127mm. In addition, a loader is provided for this product. In 47 HP (Horse Power), it is the most cost-effective. Massey Ferguson also offers a wide range of attachments for the MF 240 model, including a number of different attachments.

MF-260 tractors

Massey Ferguson MF-260’s Perkins T 3.1524 turbocharged engine produces 60 horsepower. At 540 PTO rpm, the engine’s speed is 1789 rpm. The MF-260 transmission has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. In addition, it has an oil-immersed multi-disc mechanical brake and manual steering for better control of the vehicle. An important function of the MF-260 Hydraulic System is lifting capacity of 2170 kg with lower linkages and oil flow rates up to 16 liters per minute at a maximum pressure of 21 mega pascals at room temperature.

MF-360 tractors

Farmer-friendly choices for Tanzanian farmers are provided by Tractors Tanzania’s exporting of Massey Ferguson MF 360 Tractors. MF 360 also features six tools for tillage, including seedlings and transport, in addition to a variety of attachments. A 1.6-meter-wide cover-crop, a 0.5-meter-wide disc plow, a two-tine ripper, a two-row seeder, a three-ton trailer, and a transport box are all included in this set of equipment. The range is continually being developed and expanded.

MF-375 tractors

The Massey Ferguson MF375 is one of the most appropriate tractors for Tanzanian market. MF 375 tractors are long-lasting workhorses because to the consistency of their performance and quality. It features the best engine in terms of noise reduction. Tractors from Massey Ferguson are among of the most affordable on the market. All of a farmer’s needs may be met by this tractor. The hydrostatic power provides the greatest steering for this vehicle. In terms of efficiency, the Massey Ferguson MF 375 tractor is the best on the market.

In terms of versatility, the MF375 tractors are capable of preparing soil for planting, transporting crops, and preparing huge fields for cattle and horticulture. A low-cost, low-maintenance machine or a comprehensive, long-lasting mechanization package is on offer from Massey Ferguson to farmers.

MF 385 2 Wheel Drive

A 3-cylinder Perkins engine powers Massey Ferguson MF 385 2WD tractors. The 62-horsepower mechanical gearbox has a synchronized engagement system. Having a reverser allows you to pick from a total of twelve different gears in reverse. Powerful 70 hp a maximum of 268 Nm of torque at 1400 revolutions per minute with four cylinders and 3860 cm3 of displacement is a synchronized reverse transmission is the preferred method of transmission. Backwards and forwards: percentage of pages printed in 12 seconds: 54% A capacity of 108 liters.

 There are two standard wheelbases: 2.28 meters for two rear wheels and 2.35 meters for two front wheels (4 RM) Wifi-equipped cabins have a maximum height of 2.54 m 2.65 m is the cabin’s height. Two-wheeled: 3,153 kg (2 RM) / 3458 kg (4 RM). Small farmers can afford these tractors since they are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

MF 385 4 Wheel Drive

It was built by Massey Ferguson experts at the Beauvais, France tractor facility that created the MF 385 4WD series. The MF 385 4 Wheel drive tractors have a strong reputation for easy operation and steadfast durability – they are well suited for the difficult requirements of Tanzanian agriculture.

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