Massive 385 4WD Tractor

Model / Type: Massive 385 4WD
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,



What qualities do our tractors possess

Tractors are agricultural machinery, acting as farmers’ allies by means of substituting the skilled labor that was formerly required solely for farming operations. These tractors should be reliable, robust, sturdy, and extremely powerful to sustain farming operations for life. Notably, these tractors should fall under the budget and by any means should not exceed the required price limit. Well, if you’re looking for a tractor, adjusting to all these aforementioned requirements, then Tractors Tanzania has got you covered.


Tractors Tanzania

The remarkable inventory of Tractors Tanzania is definitely noteworthy, consisting of several multinational tractor brands while adjusting to the requirements of the farmers. At Tractors Tanzania, we aim to bring qualitative farming tools to the doorsteps of the farmers in Tanzania who have paved the way toward the nation’s agricultural and economic success. At Tractors Tanzania, we elucidate briefly what type of tractors are a considerable fit for what type of farm and its operations. Our inventory is loaded with agricultural products that will never disappoint you as we guarantee their quality check. Our brand new Massive Tractors have become a symbol of perfection as of the deliverance of optimum yet timely farming operations which have made the Tanzanian farmers go gaga over them.


Massive Tractor 385 4WD

Massive Tractor 385 4WD has become a widely known, acceptable, and acknowledgeable tractor that has a lot to offer. This technology-driven tractor is quite famous among medium to large-scale farms as this tractor has been able to make farming easier, quicker, simpler, and better than before. Its rugged, low-noise diesel engine is of the most sublime quality, permitting the tractor to swift through 120% higher speed in the Tanzanian land of agriculture.

Definitely, the 4WD version of Massive Tractor 385 is more powerful with greater traction control than its 2WD variant. Being durable, pocket-friendly, and eco-friendly, Massive Tractor 385 in Tanzania has taken the farmer niche by storm. The rate of emitting power is also great such that 16% more power of drawbar is estimated to be emitting from the economic engine of the great Massive Tractor 385 4WD.

In commercial as well as agricultural sectors, the proficiency of the operations executed by a Massive Tractor is strikingly terrific. Moreover, the tractor can easily lift 20 tons of load without trembling. Being extremely light on the consumption of fuel, this Massive Tractor 385 4WD is 15% more fuel-efficient than any of its competitors.

The Massive Tractor 385 4WD is characteristically designed to sustain agricultural operations without being too hard on the African farmers in terms of costs and operational performance, which is why this tractor is provided with wheels that cannot be worn off easily. Other improved qualities of this tractor include power steering, efficient cooling system, and 85hp range, making this tractor one the most applauded and anticipated tractors of the decade.


Farming and crops

It is a unanimous conclusion that agricultural machinery has been magical in terms of easing farming operations. The rate at which Tanzanian crops like wheat, maize, cocoa, coffee, soybeans, sorghum, etc. are grown, with the usage of Massive tractors and other useful farming tools, is at least 50 times quicker than the rate at which these crops were grown before.

The conventional methods of farming were extremely strenuous, and time-consuming whereas now, the farming operations are simpler and quicker with an increasing quantity of better quality crops.

So, get yourself a workable, eco-friendly, and sustainable tractor like the Massive Tractor 385 4WD, that can shrink into wherever you want it to but has a do-ability power as that of a beast.