Massive 260S Tractor

Model / Type: Massive 260
Horse Power: 60hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,

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Massive Tractor 260 2WD – Tractors Tanzania

Your hunt for an all-purpose farming tractor in Tanzania is over. Thankfully, Tractors Tanzania has got you covered by providing a whole series of all-purpose farming tractors that are reliable, fully functional, and qualitatively the best compact tractors available in Tanzania.


Massive Tractors

Tractors Tanzania features remarkable agricultural machinery particularly Massive Tractors whose rugged diesel turbo engines provide an ultimate driving experience in the agricultural field of Tanzania. The addition of Massive Tractors to any farm inventory, particularly that of Tractors Tanzania, makes it impressive and 100% operational. These tractors are provided with the multi-transmission feature as a means of delivering smoother agricultural performance.

These Tractors are rigid enough to survive through adverse climatic conditions which is why they can be easily dragged and moved into the roughest and dampest of agricultural fields. The Massive Tractors in Tanzania have been successful in creating a bond between the farmers as of their economical prices, technology-driven features, and maneuverability to successfully pull any other agricultural operation.


Massive Tractor 260 2WD

A number of compact tractors are available with various tractor dealers in Tanzania. However, not all of them are affordable and deliver smoother operational performance. Among them, those belonging to Massive Tractors are credible enough to depict a high-class performance relevant to the farming culture of Tanzania.

Massive Tractor 260 is predominantly one of the best compact tractors, giving tough competition to its competitors. It is affordable, easy to operate, manually operated, has easy accommodation, and with a mediocre horsepower range of 60hp, allowing an extensive range of farm implements to work in harmony with it.

This type of tractor can be seen serving farmers, especially the ones having sugarcane farms. Thereby assisting the farmers in sugarcane haulage operations. With a high-power diesel engine, power steering, and disc brakes, the Massive Tractor 260 is your go-to tractor in Tanzania that can reasonably be your operational ally in the cultivation fields. Moreover, Massive Tractor 260 in Tanzania, has countless commercial applications as well. The dimensions of this tractor are stereotypical, allowing its easy accommodation on the smallest of the farms.

The transmission is classic, with a dual-clutch and a sliding spur, 8-speed forward gears, and 2-speed reverse gears, the drive of this tractor is favored by a number of professional farmers.


Agricultural backing

Tanzania is built on topographic land which is favorable for agricultural landscapes. A lot of crops are grown every day to sustain the cycle of life. This well-developed agricultural system contributes largely to the GDP of the country and with its progressive development, the GDP of the country is likely to move headway too.

To fulfill this, agricultural resources should be thoroughly invested in, such as Massive Tractors and farm implements, giving farmers a lending hand in terms of increasing the crop yield. Thus the overall output of crops is increased by the combined efforts of farmers and agricultural machinery.

These agricultural resources can be abundantly found at comparable rates at Tractors Tanzania. All you have to do is choose between our variety of tractors from the comfort of your home, pay online and get your desired functional tractor at your doorstep. So order away and let’s get that reaping sorted.